Texas Friends of Transit

We need much better transit. We need to spend about four times as much.

Our goals

  • $1 billion dedicated transit funding in Texas every year
  • Local options legislation that allows city, county, regional leaders, and voters to fund transit
  • Increasing transit ridership in Texas every year
  • 50% SOV commute mode share statewide by 2050
  • Increasing number of low income Texans have high quality, frequent transit within 1/4 mile of their home
  • 1,000 Members

What we’re going to do

  • Work with the legislature
  • Work with neighborhoods, cities, counties, and regions
  • Analyze transit ideas and solutions and make them stronger
  • Spread ideas and solutions

Our goals for 2019

  • The Texas legislature takes some action allowing increased funding for transit across Texas, including in our major metros.
  • Grow the campaign to at least 1,000 members
  • Contacts from our members to a majority of the members of the Texas House & Senate to discuss the need for better transit
  • Analyze baseline data on access, funding, ridership, potential for improvement statewide
    • Localized reports for each major metro delivered to legislators, local elected officials

State Legislative Agenda

  • Dedicated state transit funding
  • Local options bill
  • Capitol Funding for Low and No Emissions Transit Vehicles
  • Bus on Shoulders Pilot Program
  • Ban local minimum parking requirements for developments including at least 15% affordable housing units within 1/4 mile of high capacity transit stations

Our Needs

  • $20,000 minimal seed funding to start the above, $50,000 to do it well
  • One half time staff dedicated to transit, ideally w/ data, GIS support
  • Growing network of transit supporters engaged on a monthly basis
  • Growing number of elected officials publicly dedicated to increasing transit funding and achieving better transit planning in Texas
  • Engaged network of established nonprofit and community groups working in unison on the big picture of needing better transit

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