Policy Drivers Episode Seven: Randy Clarke

The Farm&City team chatted with Randy Clarke for the newest episode of Policy Drivers, the video podcast where we have a chance to talk with officials and community leaders about their work and policy in general.

Clarke is the President and CEO of Capital Metro, the Austin area’s transit agency. Clarke has enacted many exciting changes since he took the reins in 2018 including a massive expansion of bus shelters, a bus network redesign (Cap Remap), and boosting the number of frequent service lines. The next exciting project in the works is Project Connect– a plan to add two light rail lines, four new MetroRapid bus lines, a new commuter rail line, 24 new park and rides, electric vehicles, and improvements to bus service. 

We had a chance to talk about how Texas has great potential to lead the country in solutions to nation-wide challenges. We also discussed how we should rethink how we measure success in transit, and why transit is essential to a healthy and thriving city.

We hope you will enjoy the full video and will join us for the next episode of Policy Drivers.

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