Vision Zero Texas

All Texas communities deserve safe streets

Every day an average of ten people die in the Texas transportation system. We don’t want anyone to die, and we share this concern with a growing number of Texans.

You can be a key part of this movement

On November 17, 2019 at World Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Traffic Violence, Farm&City launched the Every City, Every County, Every Life campaign. This ongoing campaign is focused on getting every city, every county, every Metropolitan Planning Organization and every transportation department to adopt responsible goals and action plans to end traffic deaths and serious injuries.

To do this, we are looking for at least three leaders in every city, every county, and every metropolitan region in Texas to guide their local government to responsible goals and action plans to end traffic deaths and serious injuries.

Several communities have already adopted safer standards and set their goal to achieve zero traffic fatalities, will you join us in helping put your community on the map now?

Sign up now, and together we can end traffic deaths in Texas.

We can end traffic deaths in Texas


Founded in Sweden in the 1990s, Vision Zero is a global, ethical approach to transportation policy. It is centered around the belief that all humans deserve safe roadways. The responsibility of safety should be shared between road users and the designers that put them in place. Since its inception, cities all over the world have adopted Vision Zero. In the U.S., multiple towns and cities in 19 states have made the transition. Texas is one of those states spearheading the movement stateside, and we ought to be proud.

How to Help End Traffic Deaths in Your Community

As an advocate for your community, you can help end traffic deaths by reaching out to the elected officials in your community and encouraging them to adopt a Vision Zero resolution. Farm&City will supply research, data, training, and materials, but we need you to go to city hall, to the county commissioners court meetings, and to the MPO policy board meetings and ask for them to center safety in all transportation decisions


Other ways you can help:

  • Sign up for the email newsletter. Read, Learn, and Ask Questions
  • Become a donor at a personally meaningful level
  • Attend some events, meet other engaged Texans
  • Sign a petition. Write a letter to your elected officials
  • Testify at a public hearing. Win the campaign
  • Help raise money for the next campaign

Resources for Local Advocates

Texas Vision Zero Cities
Vision Zero Texas Communities – Help put your community on the map

Our Goals

  • Nobody dies in traffic in Texas.
  • Nobody suffers incapacitating injuries in traffic in Texas.
  • Every city, county, MPO & the state itself has a Vision Zero Action Plan.
  • Texans are empowered to bring meaningful change to their communities and the state.

Our Goals for 2022

  • At least ten additional Texas governments begin or adopt Vision Zero Action Plans
  • At least three Texas governments launch slow zones pilots in earnest
  • At least one Texas government adopts comprehensive safe design speed systematically
  • Continue working with TxDOT to ensure funding for traffic safety for both rural and urban communities
  • Continue to grow the Texas Families for Safe Streets Program
  • Host the Texas Vision Zero Summit

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