Decide Texas

The Texas Transportation decision making system has seven major decision making entities: the Governor and Legislature, the Texas Transportation Commission, the Texas Department of Transportation, the MPOs, Cities and counties, and local agencies like RMAs.

All of these decision making points remain dominated by white men, but each functions in its own unique way. Certain private interests wield oversized impact on all these systems, most prominently sprawl developers, land speculators, and road builders.

This odd structure does not seem to be delivering optimal decisions for the taxpayers, residents, and cost bearers of these decisions – such as low-income communities, the environment, and our economy.

Our goals

  • The voting members of the various entities of the Texas transportation decision making system generally represent the socioeconomics of the people of Texas.
  • Every kid could potentially make their way to every position of power.
  • At least 5 MPOs, 10 cities, 2 counties, and 25 neighborhoods have an open, productive discussion about equitable representation in that decision making body.

What we’re going to do

  • Develop communication strategies to help the legislature, local elected officials, and communities and activists understand the problem.
  • Document how equitable representation and better information can make Texas decision making more efficient
  • Continue basic research on disparate impacts and building data on representation and results, continuously updating the Texas Transportation Equity Assessment.
  • Present the story of Decide Texas to groups across Texas

Our goals for 2019

  • Present to at least ten groups with at least one in each of the five largest metro areas
  • Develop strategy for achieving the goals of Decide Texas with partners from across the state
  • Develop funding strategy for Texas Transportation Camp
  • Find a supporter to speak in public comment to every single MPO in Texas on this issue

State Legislative Agenda

  • Texas Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Sunset Bill
  • MPO equity reform
  • Texas Transportation Commission, Texas DMV, better reflect the diversity of Texas

Our Needs

  • $10,000 minimal seed funding to attempt the above, $60,000 or more to do it well