Farm&City uses an inter-disciplinary method to bring complementary policy understandings together from transportation, urban planning, sustainability, and democratic/equity concerns.

We think that transportation safety issues are served well by an understanding of equity issues and deliberate collaboration with other charitable organizations focused on equity. We think that regional growth problems are better addressed with a deep understanding of transit planning, the impact of urban form on health, as well as market dynamics.

Along with our major projects – such as our current ones explained below – we strive to maintain a core of public participation in policy development across the board, through Streetsblog Texas, email newsletters, monthly events, and a steady stream of content on this website and social media.

Vision Zero Texas

We want to end traffic deaths and serious traffic injuries in Texas. Every city, county, metropolitan planning organization and the state itself needs a plan to stop this epidemic.

50 Million Texans

We want humans to thrive in Texas metro- politan regions forever. Local land use codes need equitable reform and we need to optimize regional transportation planning.

1,000 Texans for Transit

We want to dramatically improve transit service in Texas. Metropolitan regions need local options to fund the transit they deserve.

Decide Texas

We want the Texas transportation decision- making system to include us all. Every kid should have the potential to make their way to any position of power in Texas.