Part of the philosophy of change at Farm&City is to continuously build upon a body of work that includes research, policy analysis, framing of important debates, exploratory discussions, and a never ending series of creative proposals to improve public policy in Texas.

Several times a year, we devote a substantial amount of time on one topic and produce a report intended to represent the best of Farm&City’s knowledge, vision, and concern about that one issue, in a format intended to serve as a guide for decision makers as well as inspiration for advocates.

Blog posts
Several times a week, we add content to our website that may be some new research on a particular policy question, analysis of a public process or plan, upcoming opportunities for public input, or some interesting media from our work or a public process that we think you really should see.

Policy Drivers Video Series
Over the summer of 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, our four summer interns got to interview an amazing set of diverse leaders from across Texas public policy via Zoom meetings. This series is being published on YouTube and also may be published as an audio podcast.