Policy Hacking: Safe Neighborhood Streets

Join us for Policy Hacking with Farm&City: February 3rd, 2022, 4pm Central / 3pm Mountain

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen a marked increase in speeding and aggressive driving, even on what should otherwise be quiet streets. We’ve also seen local residents posting signs to remind motorists to slow down. It even used to be that children could play in the streets, but now…

Join us for a discussion on making our safe neighborhood streets and Safe Routes to School, and what others have done. What can Texans do to make our own streets safe for children and families to walk and bike to school, the park, the store, and anywhere else in our neighborhoods.

This month we’ll talk to a panel of advocates and change agents about what they have been doing to make our streets safer, and how you can join them in working for safer streets in your own community.

Held the first Thursday of every month, Policy Hacking with Farm&City is free and open to the public. Sign up for our Meetup group or email newsletter to make sure you don’t miss the next discussion.