Get Involved: I don’t want ten people to die on Texas roads every day

On average, ten people die using the Texas transportation system every day. Most of them are riding in cars and trucks. Many die riding motorcycles. Many die walking or riding in a wheelchair. Many die riding bicycles.

We can end traffic deaths in Texas.

Farm&City is working with a coalition of organizations to host the local World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims Sunday, November 18. The event will honor those we have lost or who have been hurt by the transportation system over the last year. We will also honor them with a call to action to fix our streets and roads and prevent future deaths.

We have launched a social media campaign to bring attention to the problem of traffic deaths in Texas.

You can join the campaign by filming yourself just saying these words “I don’t want ten people to die on Texas roads every day” and then posting that video on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media.

If you do it on twitter, you can do it as a reply to this tweet and we can make it a long thread of people saying this (including TXDOT CEO James Bass who already joined in).

You can use one or more of these hashtags:

And you can add a link to @VisionZeroTexas on twitter or or this Facebook event where you can find out more about the vigil and our legislative agenda to end traffic deaths in Texas. You can also ask your friends and family to join us at the event.