Farm&City and AURA are proud to host YIMBYtown 2024 in Austin

YIMBYtown 2024, February 26-28, Austin, TX

YIMBYtown is the premier nationwide conference for pro-housing advocates, organizers, and policymakers. Over several days of trainings, panels, discussions, speeches, and networking, YIMBYtown provides vital space for the pro-housing movement to connect, learn, share, wrestle with difficult questions, and lay the groundwork for the next great burst of wins for abundant housing across the country. Previously hosted in Boulder, Colorado; Boston, Massachusetts; Oakland, California; and Portland, Oregon, YIMBYtown has engaged, empowered, and connected thousands of leading pro-housing activists from North America and beyond.

This year, AURA and Farm&City are delighted to host a sold-out YIMBYtown 2024 from February 26th-28th, in the vibrant and rapidly evolving city of Austin, TX with guests such as Julian Castro, Kirk Watson, Sarah Bronin and Sonja Trauss. We’ll celebrate pro-housing wins across North America, the expansive big tent nature of our movement, and the growing abundant housing movement in Texas. We’ll spotlight local efforts to create housing abundance that benefits us all.

While in-person registration is closed, you can tune in to the live feed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday by registering for the Zoom Webinar here:–OhpWisBaPg#/registration

This is the schedule of sessions in the live feed room:

Farm&City became involved through our 50 Million Texans project, which is designed to help Texas grow to a population of 50 million without wrecking the whole darn state in the process. As a policy think & do tank, we are working to help find solutions to many of our state’s quality of life issues. Texas is not the only state grappling with the challenges of a growing population, the implications on affordability, sustainability, and quality of life if those new residents are not appropriately planned for. We’re eager to learn from advocates around the country who have engaged in this work, and grow all of our shared knowledge over the course of this three-day event. 

Recent progress on land use in Austin such as the removal of parking mandates and the growing political momentum to allow density in single-family zoned neighborhoods make Austin an exciting location for a gathering of the pro-housing movement. All previous YIMBYtown conferences have all been held in coastal cities within blue states – our story in Austin is different. 

Farm&City and AURA are excited to host many challenging and useful discussions with activists, experts, and residents to learn from the successes and difficulties of the pro-housing work in other cities, regions, and political contexts, and lay the groundwork for the next series of wins.