Ask CAMPO for a regional Vision Zero Action Plan

The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) is the transportation decision making body for Central Texas. Metropolitan planning organizations such as CAMPO are federally mandated to adopt periodic safety performance targets.

Every day four people die or suffer incapacitating injuries across our region, a much higher rate than many American metropolitan areas. This is something that we could actually fix.

Tonight, CAMPO’s Transportation Policy Board (TPB) will meet and vote on adopting the safety targets set in 2017 Strategic Highway Safety Plan published by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT).  The state plan aims for a slight reduction of 2% below an expected continuing increase in annual traffic deaths. We think sticking to an unambitious goal and accepting rising traffic deaths is an abdication of the moral responsibility our elected officials have to address this crisis.

Members of the public concerned about achieving meaningful reductions in traffic deaths can advocate for the adoption of more ambitious targets and specifically for CAMPO to develop a regional Vision Zero Action Plan. This plan should show a path toward actually reducing the amount of deaths and serious injuries across the entire region.

To send your letter, click here.

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