Safe Neighborhood Streets

Every kid in Texas deserves the freedom to walk, bike, skateboard, or use a wheelchair in their neighborhood with a reasonable expectation that they’re not in danger of dying in a car crash. But we’re not there. If you look at the Texas data on kids who have died or suffered horrible injuries while walking or biking, the largest amount happen on 30 mile per hour streets, our residential neighborhood streets.

In general in the Vision Zero world, we desperately need to fix our main boulevards and freeways where most people are dying, but in particular when you look at kids walking or biking, we need to focus on fixing our little neighborhood streets.

The Safe Neighborhood Streets bill will be filed again – for the third time, so hopefully the third session is a charm – at the Texas legislature and we hope that you will help get it passed and signed by the Governor. This podcast explains our overall work on Vision Zero Texas and dives into the Safe Neighborhood Streets bill and what we hope to achieve.

You can support the Safe Neighborhood Streets bill by joining us on Sunday, November18th at the Capitol for the World Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Traffic Violence or by donating or subscribing to Farm&City to support our ability to actually lobby and get this bill passed and signed.