The Vision Zero Texas 2019 Legislative Agenda

We can end traffic deaths in Texas.

…but we need leadership from the Texas Legislature and Governor.

Vision Zero Texas is collaborating with communities and organizations from across the state to support this legislative agenda for #txlege 2019.


􏰀The Safe Neighborhood Streets bill would lower the prima facie speed limit — the speed limit on all little residential streets that don’t have a speed limit sign — from 30 to 25 mph, and it will give cities the power that counties already have to use 20 mph speed limits to design streets where kids are free to be kids.


While the official estimates from TXDoT are that about 500 people die from distracted driving across Texas every year, we know that we are under-reporting the extent of distracted driving crashes by almost half. Police are reporting that the current statewide texting ban is generally unenforceable, while cities with hands free laws have seen greater clarity in enforcement and lower rates of distracted driving.


Texas is currently a Yield to Pedestrians state — and also one of the most dangerous states in the nation for pedestrians. Several states have recently found that a small change to traffic laws from being a “yield to” to a “stop for” state can help save lives and provide much greater clarity while you are driving, walking, or using a wheelchair.


A clear statewide goal to end the epidemic of traffic deaths by 2040 will increase the rate at which our state agencies and local governments can reduce the danger on our streets. 􏰀The state’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan assumes that traffic deaths will continue to rise, because of a lack of prioritizing safety from our leadership. A multi-agency task force would bring recommendations back to the 2021 legislative session to rapidly increase safety on Texas roads.

Help us make 2019 the year that the leadership of Texas successfully changed our trajectory and began reducing traffic deaths in every community across the state. Donate to Farm&City today on PayPal or Facebook to support the Vision Zero Texas legislative agenda.


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