Policy Drivers Episode Five: Jeff Taebel

The Farm&City team got to speak with Jeff Taebel for the newest episode of Policy Drivers, the video podcast where we have a chance to talk with officials and community leaders about their work and policy in general.

Taebel is the Director of Community and Environmental Planning at the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC), where he oversees environmental planning, community enhancement, socioeconomic modeling, economic development, disaster recovery, and sustainable development initiatives. He shared his wisdom from working in the role for more than thirty years. 

“Perseverance may be more important than your training.” Taebel said when asked about what advice he would give to new planning and policy students preparing to enter the field. “Big, structural policy changes take time.”

We had a chance to discuss the complexities of balancing priorities, projects, and funding across a large region; the potential of scenario planning; and climate resilience in our cities.

We hope you will enjoy the full video and will join us for the next episode of Policy Drivers.

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