Texas House passes HB 3325, the Crash Not Accident bill!

On Friday, April 23, 2021, the Texas House of Representatives passed HB 3325, the Crash Not Accident bill, to replace every instance of the word “accident” in the Texas Transportation Code with the more appropriate word “crash.” The bill, filed by State Representative J.M. Lozano, has a companion in the Texas Senate, SB 1945, filed by Senator Eddie Lucio Jr.

Farm&City and various partners collaborating with us on our Vision Zero Texas project to end traffic deaths statewide have been working on this bill for several years. The Crash Not Accident concept has been embraced by USDOT, TxDOT, Vision Zero cities, traffic safety advocates, and passionately carried forward by members of Families for Safe Streets.

Dr. Tara Goddard, a professor at the Texas A&M College of Architecture in College Station, testified on her research into how the ways we talk about traffic crashes impacts public perception of traffic safety and public policy to prevent traffic deaths.

Lance Hamm, with Vision Zero South Texas, spoke at the hearing in the Texas House Committee on Transportation. Lance has advocated on this type of reform of the Texas Department of Transportation and the state’s approach to transportation and traffic crashes for many years, and worked with Rep. Lozano and Sen. Lucio – who each represent his hometown of Kingsville – to file the bill.

The bill still will need to have a hearing in the Texas Senate Committee on Transportation, be passed by that committee, and then pass the Texas Senate, before heading to Governor Abbott’s desk.

To help make this happen, and support our ongoing effort to pass HB 3325, the Crash Not Accident bill, as well as all the other Vision Zero Texas bills, won’t you consider making a small gift in support of our continued success.