Help us hire a Director for Vision Zero Texas

We are also more than half way ($27,940) to our goal of raising $50,000 to be able to finally hire a full-time Director for Vision Zero TexasWe believe we can end traffic deaths in Texas and our model of  collaborative, data-based advocacy can help accelerate progress across the state.

With your support, the new Director of Vision Zero Texas will continue our progress on our Every City, Every County, Every Life campaign, building a statewide group of volunteer advocates to help every Texas government adopt Vision Zero goals and strategies to save lives. They will also focus substantially on supporting Central Texas Families for Safe Streets and developing a strategy to spread the Families for Safe Streets model statewide, while leading our statewide legislative advocacy efforts on truly safe streets for all.

Cities and Counties that have started on a Vision Zero strategy to end traffic deaths in Texas, joining with the Texas Transportation Commission and Texas Department of Transportation, that in 2019 adopted the Road to Zero goal to end traffic deaths statewide by 2050.

We’ve taken the Texas Vision Zero movement from 2 governments to 12, increased state spending dedicated to safety by $300 million a year, and got both the Texas House and Senate Transportation Committees to address safety in their interim charges. Imagine what we could do with a full time dedicated leader for this movement. Please consider making a meaningful contribution via our GoFundMe campaign, or signing on as a monthly supporter to ensure continued progress toward zero traffic deaths in Texas.